Course 2 - MISMO Implementation Framework - Case Study Part 1

COURSE 2 - MISMO Implementation Framework - Case Study Part 1

    This course is designed for business and technology professionals who are currently (or who may soon be) involved in the consideration, planning, and/or development of a MISMO-based project. The course provides an interactive case study of how to map data to the MISMO Reference Model. This includes creating the required conditionality and cardinality and leveraging them along with the data mapping to the MISMO Reference Model to create specifications for your developer. The case study uses a timely, real-life example, to achieve course objectives by mapping from portions of the recently released CFPB Integrated Mortgage Disclosures Closing Disclosure form to the 3.3 version of the MISMO Reference Model and creating the corresponding developer specifications. The course also offers a review of many MISMO core principles including containers, data types, choice groups, cardinality and relationships.For a complete course overview, click HERE.