Business Reference Model Development Workgroup


The mission of the Business Reference Model Development Workgroup is to develop a high-level business model depicting the common activities that may occur over the life of a loan. The new process model (MISMO Life of Loan) will enable business professionals and others to access MISMO work products within the context of the business process. It will include descriptions of business activities presented in an easily consumable, business friendly format. 

Business Reference Model Development Workgroup Community Page

Current Goals and Objectives

  • Formal publication of MISMO Life of Loan, incorporating member comments received
  • Load MISMO Life of Loan into SPARX, the MISMO system of record
  • Continue to relate MISMO to the business process, by working with the Business Glossary and Logical Data Model DWGs ·        
  • Determine ongoing support needs

Major Milestones and Timeframes to Support Goals

MISMO Life of Loan includes Origination and Servicing and is posted to the Community Page for member comment.


Tammy Pegg Kienlen, Independent Consultant, - Chair
Geran Combs, Actualize Consulting - Vice-Chair

Workgroup Meeting Schedule

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