eMortgage Workgroup


The mission of the eMortgage workgroup is to support and address business, technical, legal, adoption and architectural issues associated with creating, maintaining, transmitting, securing, and processing documents and data for electronic mortgages.

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Current Goals and Objectives

The eMortgage Workgroup develops specifications, document profiles and guidelines for implementing electronic mortgage documents, from application and origination to closing, notarization, recording, investor delivery and servicing. In addition, the workgroup provides business updates from stakeholders including GSEs, MERS, PRIA, lenders, investors and vendors. The group discusses adoption issues, collaborates with regulatory agencies on compliance initiatives and works on various projects. Current projects include an Implementation Guide for SMART Docs, a report on warehouse lender interests and concerns with eNotes, and an eMortgage Glossary.

Major milestones and timeframes to support goals

· FHFA scorecard on eMortgages
· Implementation Guidance on SMART Docs
o Basic and Retrievable Guide completed and approved
o eMortgage Glossary completed and approved
o Revised SMART Doc profiles
o Formation of the Tamper Evident Development Workgroup for profile guidance
· Support ResTech Warehouse Lending and eNotes Effort (ongoing)
· Education session on eMortgage (in development)
· Forum for eNotarization, remote notarization and eRecording in eMortgages
· Mapping Business workflows for eMortgages
· Communication and articles
· Moved to new collaboration tool

Key Stakeholders

·Warehouse Lenders
·Document Custodians
·Technology and Document Preparation Vendors


Nancy Pratt, Pavaso, Vice President, Partner Relations and Government Affairs - Co-Chair
Rachael Sokolowski, Magnolia Technologies, President - Co-Chair

Workgroup Meeting Schedule

Got a Question for the Workgroup? Contact the workgroup at  INFO@MISMO.org