eNote Validation Rules DWG

General Information

This MISMO group will be responsible for incorporating MISMO standards into the creation of a decision model which can be used to validate the eNotes underlying document structure and data.The group will also document and publish eNote validation rules that can be used in the creation of eNotes. eNote validation rules will follow the Decision Model and NotationTM (DMNTM) standard to promote interoperability and exchange among mortgage industry participants. 

Among other tasks, the new workgroup's responsibilities include reviewing current eNote standards, building a new decision model, and creating implementation guides for lenders and investors. 

Publishing eNote validation rules using the DMNTM decision modeling standard will enable lender business SMEs to understand the validation rules, and will enable systems to use the validation rules early in the eNote manufacturing process.

DMN was established by the Object Management Group® to provide a common notation that is readily understandable by all business users, from the business analysts needing to create initial decision requirements and then more detailed decision models, to the technical developers responsible for automating the decisions in processes, and finally, to the business people who will manage and monitor those decisions. DMN is designed to be useable alongside of Business Process Modeling Notation TM (BPMNTM), the standard business process notation. In addition to hosting the new DMN practice community, MISMO will develop educational material about DMN and its role in the mortgage industry in addition to sharing best practices for decision modeling.


The mission of this group is to create and publish a decision model to validate MISMO v3 eNotes using the DMN and MISMO standards.   Outputs of the collaboration effort are expected to include:         

1. A decision model represented in DMN         

2. Implementation Guidance and Education         

3. Reference Implementation (e.g., sample eNotes)


Jim Cooper, Freddie Mac (Chair)

So, go ahead and join the collaboration site that has been established for this new group so that you receive updates on the group as it forms and begins their important work!  If you are not a member of MISMO, let us know that you would like to participate by sending a message to info@mismo.org.