Logical Data Model Redesign Development Workgroup


The mission of the Logical Data Model Redesign Development Workgroup is to redefine the MISMO logical data model (LDM) to support a greater range of technological implementations.  This evolution will ensure that MISMO continues to support the industry regardless of future technological choices made across the industry. The new LDM will contain definitions for terms used within the industry as well as showing the relationships between business concepts.   

Logical Data Model Redesign Development Workgroup


Cupid Chan, Managing Partner, 4C Decision - Co-Chair
Mark Kleingers, Senior Solutions Architect, Black Knight Financial Services - Co-Chair 

Top 5 Logical Data Model Redesign Development Workgroup Concerns / Deliverables / Focus Areas:

  1. Design and definition of a new MISMO Logical Data Model (LDM);
  2. Development of requirements for tools to develop and maintain the new LDM;
  3. Development of a Proof of Concept of the new LDM.
  4. Development of a platform-specific UML matching the current MISMO XML model
  5. Development of a platform-independent UML neutral to the implementing Technology

Workgroup Meeting Schedule