Origination Community of Practice


The mission of the Origination Community is to design, develop, and maintain data standards for the mortgage industry; specifically focused on the Origination lifecycle and the key process areas of Application, Underwriting, and Closing. In addition, the Community develops supporting documentation to provide guidance in the use of these data standards.  

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Current Goals and Objectives

The Origination Community develops data specifications and data mapping guidance for Application, Underwriting, and Closing-related forms and process areas. In addition, the Community provides business and regulatory updates from key stakeholders. The community discusses adoption and implementation issues, collaborates with regulatory agencies on compliance initiatives, and works on special projects in response to new and changing industry data requirements.

Major milestones and timeframes to support goals

·Support of agency and regulatory initiatives, as needed (ongoing)
·Construction Loans; review for gaps in current standard (Q3 2017)
·Participation in HMDA-related standards development; review of HMDA-specific documentation (ongoing)
·Collaboration with Fee Naming DWG to align MISMO Fee Types with standardized industry fee names (ongoing)
·Implementation Guide development; sample XML files supporting Industry Use Cases (ongoing)
·4506T maintenance; review and update field mapping documentation; new data point(s) requirements added to the MISMO standard (Q3 2017)
·"Knowledge Center" articles/documentation related to implementation questions/items raised through the OWG Workgroup (ongoing)
·Update MISMO standard to support Adverse Action/Credit Denial data points (Q2 2017)


Stephanie Berger, Ellie Mae, Co-Chair

Michelle Pogatchnik, Black Knight, Co-Chair

Chris Ulbright, DocMagic, Co-Chair

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Got a Question for the Community? Contact the community at  INFO@MISMO.org