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Industry-wide use of standards is critical for effective, efficient and flexible business practices. Standards help mitigate risk, improve consumer understanding and convenience, and reduce costs. MISMO, the mortgage industry's standards organization, has succeeded in creating a common terminology that is used for communications between lenders, service providers, regulators and others. MISMO is pursuing new standards and other collateral for using online or remote notaries for real estate financial transactions.

Mortgage consumers are increasingly demanding greater convenience when using notary services, as it is often difficult for all signees to be in the same place at the same time. Recently, technological advancements have made it possible for notaries to perform their work over the Internet, enabling borrowers to sign documents remotely. Multiple states have enacted regulations allowing this practice to occur, while other states are preparing similar legislation. Without some form of standards or best practices, however, it is possible these efforts will result in inconsistent regulations and policies that may impact the mortgage industry's ability to effectively serve consumers.


The mission of the Remote Online Notarization Development Workgroup
is to create and maintain industry standards and other collateral to enable electronic and online (aka remote) notary for real estate financing transactions. Collaborate, where possible, with other industries that may utilize electronic and online notary to develop common standards for all electronic and online remote notarial transactions. Collaborate with appropriate state agencies for the adoption of consensus standards in governing statutes.

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Current Goals and Objectives

The Remote Online Notarization Development Workgroup will collaborate with industry participants, state government officials and others to develop standards for online notarization. These standards will enable lenders, closing agents and other organizations to quickly adapt new practices to facilitate the use of online notaries to meet consumer demand. The standards will also help secretaries of state adopt consistent policies for electronic and online notarizations.

Workgroup deliverables will include:

  • A set of industry standards for using online notarization, which may include verifying credentials, identifying signees, document recording and retention, security and privacy.
  • Implementation guides and educational material for lenders, closing agents, notaries, vendors and others
  • Possible creation of model standard that states can include or reference in future regulations

How Can I Get Involved?

The Remote Online Notarization Development Workgroup will conducts weekly meetings via conference calls and will meet in person at MISMO Summits, which are held three times a year. This Workgroup is expected to exist for approximately one year or until it completes its mandate; however, the lifespan may be extended as necessary to meet industry needs.

If you would like to participate in this collaborative, industry-wide effort, please send an email titled "Join MISMO's Remote Online Notarization Development Workgroup" to 


Eddie Oddo, First American (Co-Chair)

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