Secondary Workgroup


The mission of the Secondary Workgroup is to collaborate and model data needs creating data standards used in the Secondary mortgage market for electronic exchange between trading partners. In addition, the Workgroup develops supporting documentation to provide guidance in the use of these data standards.

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Current Goals and Objectives

The Secondary WG's focus includes:

·Loan Delivery
·Product and Pricing
·Regulatory Reporting (HMDA, etc.)

The Secondary Workgroup focuses on the transactions and concerns of the Secondary Mortgage Market, primarily investor concerns regarding loan acquisition and delivery. The Work Group (WG) has been working on updates to the HMDA Toolkit and I-Guide which we plan to finalize at MISMO's Spring Summit.  The WG has plans to continue work on the Securities structures that will provide the ability for the MISMO reference model to accommodate the data requirements needed to process securities.   

Major milestones and timeframes to support goals

·HMDA Reporting:

o HMDA Toolkit and I-Guide to support MISMO usage in support of New HMDA Reporting requirements - 8/16

 o Update and review HMDA Toolkit and I-Guide - 6/17 (MISMO Summit) ·

  Support for Securities:

o Map data requirements for Securities from Ginnie Mae, FHFA/GSE Single Security and SF DWG building on previous work product drafted by the Secondary WG work on Securities - TBD 

Key Stakeholders

· Lenders
· Loan Investors (GSE and Private)
· Security Investors
· Vendors/Service Providers


Mark FriendProject Manager, Freddie Mac - Co-Chair

Lynn Calahan,  Vice President,Wells Fargo - Co-Chair

Workgroup Meeting Schedule

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