Workgroup Meeting Schedule

3rd Party Oversight Questionnaire DWG MON 1-2pm 2nd Monday of each month 605-472-5293 CODE: 333987#
Architecture Workgroup  http:/// THURS 2-3pm 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month 605-313-5105 CODE: 265580#
Blockchain CoP WED 2-3pm 3rd Wednesday of each month 712-775-7270 CODE: 496820#
Business Glossary DWG WED  2-3pm Bi-Weekly 712-770-5229 CODE: 635879#
Business Reference Model DWG FRI 11am-12pm 1st and 3rd Friday of each month 712-775-7031 CODE:489-605-382
Closing Instructions DWG TUES 12-1pm Bi-Weekly 515-604-9743 CODE: 421133#
Commercial Appraisal DWG THURS 4-5pm 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month 605-472-5654 CODE: 485102#
Commercial MISMO CoP
TUES 4-5pm 3rd Tuesday of each month 515-603-3194 CODE: 813504#
Credit CoP THURS 1-2pm 3rd Thursday of each month 641-715-3580 CODE: 828-588
Data Governance and Management CoP FRI 1-2pm Last Friday of each month 605-472-5598 CODE: 583961#
Decision Modeling CoP MON 4-5pm Weekly 515-606-5187 CODE: 399141#
Emerging Technologies CoP WED 4-5pm 2nd Wednesday of each month 605-472-5463 CODE: 393457#
eMortgage CoP THURS 1-2pm 1st Thursday of each month 712-775-7031 CODE: 532368
eMortgage Working Sessions http:/// THURS 1-2pm Thursdays except for 1st Thursday 712-432-0926 CODE: 265580#
Fee Collaboration DWG MON 3-4pm 2nd and 4th Monday of each month  605-472-5480 CODE: 822888#
Information Management MON 2-3pm Weekly (if there are items to review) 605-313-5072 CODE: 179821#
JSON DWG THURS 2-3pm 1st and 3rd Thursday  515-604-9330 CODE: 759606# 
Loan Application Data Exchange DWG TUES 1-2pm Weekly  605-472-5569 CODE: 236084#
Logical Data Dictionary Redesign DWG

THURS 10-11am  1st , 3rd and 5th Thursday 605-313-4426 CODE: 502355#

Mortgage Insurance CoP MON 1-2pm 3rd Monday of each month 605-477-3000 CODE: 410009#
Origination CoP
http:/// WED 3-4pm 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month  605-475-3235 CODE: 334505#
Private Label DWG  THURS 3-4pm Weekly 605-472-5397 CODE: 214677#
Property Valuation CoP MON 4-5pm 4th Monday of each month 515-739-1033 CODE: 263396#
Remote Online Notarization DWG TUES 4-5pm Weekly 563-999-2090 CODE: 584465#
Secondary CoP
http:/// WED 1-2pm Bi-Weekly 605-475-4880 CODE: 444705#
Servicing CoP MON 12:30 - 1:30pm Weekly 605-475-4880 CODE: 444705#
Title and Closing CoP FRI 2-3pm 2nd Friday of each month 605-468-8006 CODE: 596211#