September 25th & 26th, 2017

Arlington, Virginia


Blockchain is getting a lot of attention within the mortgage industry, and for good reason.  With millions of consumers borrowing to purchase millions of properties, and served by thousands of lenders, closing agents, service providers, and others, the large mortgage ecosystem may greatly benefit from the distributed ledger concepts that are the foundation of Blockchain.   Join us at the 2017 MISMO Fall Summit for our mortgage finance industry Blockchain Workshop.  Sponsored by ChromaWay the event will bring industry experts together with Blockchain experts to explore how mortgage industry problems might be solved by this transformative technology. 

This event is intended to bring industry and Blockchain experts together to discuss innovative solutions to the industry's most pressing issues.  To ensure that industry experts have a foundational understanding of Blockchain, the workshop will begin at 3pm concurrent with the 2017 MISMO Fall Summit general sessions, with an education panel covering the basics of distributed ledger concepts; actual use cases from other industries; and a point / counterpoint panel discussion.  The following morning, participants will then split up to participate in one of several domain specific breakout sessions.  Facilitators have been identified to lead the deep dive breakout discussions.  Each breakout group will focus on a business issue of particular interest to the industry and discuss how blockchain might be used to resolve or improve the problem.  After the lunch break, participants will reconvene as a large group to present their findings and recommendations for next steps in the blockchain conversation.  The day will conclude with an super session opportunity for participants to "ask the experts" and each other any lingering questions about distributed ledger / blockchain.  We hope, and expect, that some or all of these breakout groups will evolve into ongoing communities that continue to collaborate to utilize Blockchain to propel the mortgage industry forward.     

Who should attend?
Anyone with an interest in solving today's business challenges.  Knowledge or expertise in Blockchain is not required.  Knowledge of obstacles within our industry, and an openness to new ideas, is all you need to attend.   

Why now?

Blockchain has the tantalizing potential to create new opportunities while solving issues that plague the industry.  Yet Blockchain is not simply a piece of software you plug into your system.  Success requires collaboration between different entities.  Which means we need to start talking and collaborating before upstarts blindside the industry.  Now is the time to explore the possibilities of how Blockchain could be used to solve business challenges experienced by your organization and others in the mortgage finance industry.  In our nine trillion dollar industry, there are numerous challenges which might could benefit from these new technologies.  


The event is scheduled to kick off promptly at 3:15 pm on Monday, September 25th, 2017 and conclude at 3:30pm on Tuesday, September 26th, 2017. Details of panelists, break-out group facilitators, and facilitated break-out session descriptions are included in the Blockchain Workshop Agenda.  

Don't miss this opportunity to get ahead of the curve and help shape the conversation on Blockchain for the mortgage finance industry


MISMO is offering a special two day pass to the 2017 Fall Summit.

Blockchain Workshop participants must register for the 2017 MISMO Fall Summit. A special two day pass is available for $350 for Blockchain Workshop attendees. This pass entitles participants to attend all of the Blockchain Workshop activities on Monday, September 25th and Tuesday, September 26th as well as the other general sessions on Monday, September 25th and the Summit Networking Reception on the evening of Tuesday, September 26th.  To register for the special two day pass, MISMO members should use the promo code Block3 at checkout. Non-members should use the promo code Block6 at checkout.  Contact us at for more information. 



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