Commercial Specifications

MISMO Commercial Standards include a business friendly view - a Commercial Logical Data Dictionary (LDD) and Commercial Reference Model. The Commercial Reference Model is a model that standardizes industry terms and definitions, and provides a comprehensive a structure for the relationship of all data in a commercial loans to be used in a consistent manner across all transactions.

Call For Public Comment - Proposed Rent Roll Data Standard

MISMO is pleased to announce a second public comment period for the proposed data standard for the exchange of rent roll information on commercial property. The public comment period will remain open through Friday, July 28, 2017. Please submit any comments to  The proposed standard is designed to provide a consistent set of data points and definitions to use in financing and managing commercial property assets.

Rent roll data on commercial properties is required when a commercial loan is originated and is typically passed along during the life of the loan. Currently, there is no widely accepted method for defining and exchanging rent roll data between multiple parties, which can lead to data errors and added time and costs. The proposed standard is expected to improve the quality and consistency of rent roll data and enable a more efficient exchange of information in commercial property financing. The new standards include a Rent Roll Logical Data Dictionary (LDD), a Rent Roll Schema and Rent Roll XSD and several sample use cases.

For more information see our News and Events Page for the related press releases announcing the additional public comment period.  The proposed standard can be accessed by clicking on the link below.

Commercial MISMO Standards are noted below: 


Commercial Reference Model

Environmental and PCA

Logical Data Dictionary

Other Documentation

Property Inspection Report