Commercial Specifications

MISMO Commercial Standards include a business friendly view - a Commercial Logical Data Dictionary (LDD) and Commercial Reference Model. The Commercial Reference Model is a model that standardizes industry terms and definitions, and provides a comprehensive a structure for the relationship of all data in a commercial loans to be used in a consistent manner across all transactions.

 MISMO Introduces New Rent Roll Standard

MISMO's Rent Roll data standard has been developed to provide the commercial mortgage industry with a consistent set of data points, enumerations and definitions to enable the industry to securely and efficiently exchange rent roll information with multiple parties. The standard is based on the recognition that industry participants tend to rely upon the same fundamental data to drive business decisions. The standard does not attempt to standardize the business processes associated with the collection, exchange and disposition of rent roll information given the variety of business models in the industry. Standardization of the data points, definitions and corresponding information included in the exchange of rent roll data will improve data quality and enable more efficient exchange of information reducing costs for both the provider and recipient.  

Rent rolls provide critical information at origination and during the ongoing asset management of a commercial loan.This data is required and utilized by multiple parties over the life of the loan. The recommended data structure for the Rent Roll standard is simple and straight forward and is described in more detail in the Rent Roll Logical Data Dictionary (LDD), Rent Roll XML Schema Definition (XSD), and Rent Roll Use Cases which are posted below.


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