Remote Online Notarization Standards

New Public Comment Period Begins Immediately! 

MISMO released an updated version of its Remote Online Notarization (RON) standards, which include an update to the draft standards issued earlier this year. RON standards were updated to include language to preclude the storage of personally identifiable information.  

With this revision, the RON standards are being released for a brief public comment period ending on August 12, 2019. If no substantive comments are received during this comment period, the standards will be immediately moved to Candidate Recommendation status indicating that they have been thoroughly reviewed and are ready for broad use across the entire residential mortgage industry. 

MISMO's RON standards were created to promote consistency across the mortgage industry when implementing state remote online notarization laws, which allow the use of audio-visual communication devices to notarize documents in a virtual online environment. In the interest of furthering adoption of RON and to encourage consistency in related state regulation, MISMO will make its standards freely available to the public and will not require a license fee to use them.

The standards include credential analysis, borrower identification, capturing and maintaining a recording of the notary process electronically, audio and video requirements, record storage, and audit trails. 

Mortgage industry participants are encouraged to review and comment on  revisions to the MISMO RON standards.  The revised MISMO RON standards are available on  An additional version of the updated RON standards is available with revised text highlighted in yellow. 

Industry participants who have comments or questions about the new RON standards may contact MISMO at

At this time, MISMO also requests that organizations, including those involved in the development of RON technologies, disclose in writing any patents and patent applications that might be infringed by an organization that uses or is compliant with these proposed MISMO standards.  

All comments and disclosures should be directed to

For more information,see the press release from July 25, 2019 and check out the recording of the recent webinar Remote Online Notarization - Introduction to the Standards.

Two versions of the standards are provided.  One includes highlights over the revisions.  One is the "clean" version.  To access the proposed Remote Online Notarization Standards, select either of the links below: