MISMO Engineering Guidelines

MISMO Version 3.x Engineering Guidelines

MISMO has developed a series of Version 3 Engineering Guidelines to guide the process and production of Version 3.x specifications and related work products. MISMO Engineering Guidelines (MEGs) are an important tool that help MISMO achieve consistent and technically appropriate XML in the standards that meets the needs of the MISMO user community.  This assists the workgroups in creating their specifications and assists developers of Extensible Markup Language (XML).

MEGs are develop and approved by the MISMO Architecture Workgroup.  The MEGs are to be adhered to during the standards development process without deviation. Design Guidelines describe best practices and should be followed unless there is a unique compelling business or technical reason for using an alternate solution.

As the Version 3.x series of specifications is constantly evolving, creating MEGs to address design concepts and explain rules and restrictions applied to the MISMO specifications is an ongoing process.Be sure to check back periodically for updates and newer versions.

The MEGs are currently available to members and non-members.  Select the item you are interested in viewing, provide the requested information and browse away.

MISMO Engineering Guidelines (MEGs)