Council of Chairs


Bill Klumper,First Step (Vice-Chair)

3rd Party Oversight Questionnaire DWG                                                                                                  Paul Martin, ALTA (Chair)                                                                                                                        Jean Bobin, Black Knight (Vice-Chair)

Architecture (AWG)
Christopher Stookey, Wells Fargo (Co-Chair)                                                                                                  Bill Klumper, First Step (Co-Chair)

Blockchain CoP
Shawn Jobe
, Factual Data (Co-Chair)                                                                                                      Laurie Pyle, Factom (Co-Chair)                                                                                                             Jessica Fox, Freddie Mac (Co-Chair)

Business Glossary DWG
Amy O'Connor,
Nexsys Technologies (Chair)
Rusty Emory, 
Prime Lending,(Vice-Chair) 

Business Reference Model DWG
Tammy Kienlen, Consultant, (Chair)
James LaLonde, Quicken Loans,(Vice-Chair)

Decision Modeling CoP
John Liston, Associated Software Consultants, Inc (Co-Chair)
Brian Stucky, DecisionX (Co-Chair)

Closing Instructions DWG                                                                                                                            Kate Steineman, Wells Fargo (Chair)
Jim Lamphere, Home Services of America (Vice-Chair)

Information Management(IM)
Mike Bixby, Bixby Consulting (Chair)
Lynn Calahan, Wells Fargo, (Vice- Chair)
Sandra Griebe, 
Actualize Consulting, (Vice-Chair) 

Commercial Appraisal DWG
Dario Canal
, Fannie Mae (Co-Chair)
Ralph Russo
, Actualize Consulting (Co-Chair)

Credit Reporting CoP
Ruth Eller, CoreLogic (Chair)
Shawn Jobe ,Factual Data (Vice-Chair)

Data Governance CoP
Jennifer Schultz,
Freddie Mac (Chair)
Jonathan Pain, Actualize Consulting (Vice-Chair)

Fee Naming DWG 
Suzanne Garwod, Chase, (Chair)

Christopher Stookey
, Wells Fargo (Chair)

Loan Application Data Exchange DWG
Lynn Calahan, Wells Fargo, (Co-Chair) 
Sandra Griebe, Actualize Consulting, (Co-Chair)

Logical Data Model Redesign DWG
Denise Dykstra, Wells Fargo  (Co-Chair)
Dominic Virgilio, UVM (Co-Chair)

Emerging Technologies CoP
Koppang, Nexsys  (Co-Chair)
Jamie Stewart
, Janeway Law Firm, P.C. (Co-Chair)                                                                                 

eDoc/eMortgage Vault DWG
Katie Paolangeli,
Signia Docs,(Co-Chair)
Josh Koppang,
Quicken Loans, (Co- Chair)
Alex Tepe,
eOriginal, (Co-Chair)

eMortgage CoP
Rachael Sokolowski, Magnolia Technologies, LLC (Chair)
Nancy Pratt, Pavaso, Inc (Vice-Chair) 

Mortgage Insurance CoP
Amy Ketterling, MGIC (Co-Chair)                                                                                                                Kim Lafferty, Radian Guaranty, Inc (Co-Chair)
Michael Mueller, MGIC (Co-Chair)

Remote Online Notary DWG                                                                                                                 Jessie Bullis ,BBS (Chair)                                                                                                                 Timothy Clark, Nexsys, (Vice- Chair)

Origination CoP
Stephanie Berger, Ellie Mae, Inc (Co-Chair)
Michelle Pogatchnik, Black Knight  (Co-Chair)
Chris Ulbright, DocMagic, Inc (Co-Chair)

Private Label RMBS DWG
Julia Curran
, AMS (Co-Chair)
Geran Combs
, Actualize Consulting  (Co-Chair)

Property and Valuation Services CoP
Elizabeth Green, Centric (Co-Chair)
Mike Fleck, Black Knight (Vice-Chair)
Piyush Tiwari, Veros (Vice-Chair)

Residential Appraisal DWG
Kasie Lynn, Freddie Mac (Co-Chair)
Heather Kerns, Consultant/Fannie Mae (Co-Chair)

Secondary CoP
Bill Klumper, First Step (Co-Chair)
Mark Friend, Freddie Mac (Co-Chair)

Servicing CoP
Catherine Clark, Black Knight (Co-Chair)
Geran Combs, Actualize Consulting (Co-Chair)
Mark Friend
, Freddie Mac (Co-Chair)

Taxpayer DWG
Suzannae Garwood,
Chase (Chair) 
Melissa Dionne,
AMC First (Vice-Chair)

Title and Closing CoP
Pat Carney, Viking Sasquatch, (Chair) 
Jessie Bullis, BBS, (Vice-Chair)      

Title Insurance CoP
Mark Reyes, SoftPro (Co-Chair)
Barry Sawyer
, ALTA (Co-Chair)    


Verifiable SMART Doc DWG                                                                                                                              Charles Epperson, SigniaDocs, (Co-Chair)