New! eMortgage Webinar Series

MBA Education and MISMO presented a series of webinars on the digitalization of the residential mortgage industry, which are now available in recorded versions. This webinar series will help individuals in your organization understand the opportunities, considerations, planning, and challenges that exist within the e-mortgage space. Individuals who complete the series will be well positioned to utilize their newfound knowledge to identify opportunities to implement eMortgages that complement the strengths of your organization.

• Roadmap for Moving from Paper to Digital  - Servicing  - Recording Available to MISMO Members

An increasing number of lenders are offering the convenience and efficiency of a digital process known as eClosing which often include an electronically-signed promissory note - known as an "eNote" or "eMortgage". Preparing to service eMortgage loans has both technology requirements and operational impacts.  This webinar will explore both with industry experts diving into the topics of eMortgage loans and eVaults and the role of MERS eRegistry in the servicing process.  Presenters will also discuss operational considerations when servicing eMortgages covering topics such as custody; payoff processing; modifications; and transfers of servicing. 

Roadmap for Moving from Paper to Digital - Lender Part I and II - Recording Available to MISMO Members

Part I and II of the Digital Roadmap series will focus on the production and "e-closing" aspect of digital mortgages. Presenters will speak to what exactly an eClosing is and lay out a checklist for things you and your staff need to consider to help you move from pre-closing to post execution. The second half will delve into checklists and considerations for warehouse lending, investor needs, and working with your servicing partners. Practitioners from lenders, document management firms, and eClosing platform providers will also be on hand to provide real world scenarios that they have encountered and recommendations on how to address potential challenges head on.

eMortgages - Overview & Considerations - Recording Available to MISMO Members

This session will provide a foundational understanding of the concepts and terminology for mortgages  and a brief overview of the entire digital mortgage landscape.  Also included is an overview of the remaining sessions in the eMortgage Foundational Concepts Webinar Series.

eMortgages - Electronic Signatures & Tamper Evident Seals  - Recording Available to MISMO Members

This webinar will provide a foundational understanding of the concepts and legality for eSignatures and Tamper Evident Seals as well as an overview of the legal framework associated with eSignatures including a review of example court cases in this area.  Further, this session will provide a technical framework for implementing the eSignature laws.

eMortgages - Electronic Documents & SMART Docs® - Recording Available to MISMO Members

This webinar will provide a foundational understanding of the concepts and structure of electronic documents defined in the MISMO SMART Doc® format.  It will also provide an overview of the technical  framework for electronic Note documents delivered to investors today and a technical framework for implementing all mortgage loan documents. 

eMortgages - Electronic Closing (includes Electronic Disclosures, Electronic and Remote Notarization) -  Recording available to MISMO Members

Attend this session to learn the latest information about the "State of the Union" with regards to electronic closing or eClosings and get a foundational understanding of the concepts and components of an electronic closing. Participants will also enjoy a deeper dive into the latest developments related to electronic notarization, or eNotary, and remote online notary and explore best practices for getting started using eClosings.

eMortgages - Electronic Vault/ Electronic Note Registry - Recording available to MISMO Members

The loan has closed, now what? Where do copies of the electronic note go? Understanding where eNotes are stored, and how to determine who owns and controls the Note, is critical to living in the electronic world. This webinar will cover the concepts associated with electronic vaults and electronic note registry.

eMortgages - Electronic Warehouse Lending and Electronic Mortgage Investor Requirements -Recording available to MISMO Members

This webinar provides a foundational understanding of eWarehouse lending concepts and high level processes; a review GSE and aggregator considerations when purchasing eNotes; and considerations and challenges specific to custodial requirements for electronic mortgages.  

Recordings of all MISMO Webinars are available for FREE to MISMO Members in the MISMO Connect resource library