Monthly Webinar Recordings

Tech and COVID-19: Wire Fraud in the Age of COVID-19

Technology is more important than ever to help keep your business operations up and running in the age of COVID-19. MBA's Technology and COVID-19 Webinar Series provide you the opportunity to see and learn how our industry is using technology as an asset in today's constantly changing environment.

MISMO WEBINAR - Remote Online Notarization: Understanding Technical Standards

This webinar provides an in-depth look at the process and technical requirements that make up a complete, secure and safe RON solution.

MISMO WEBINAR - Decision Model and NotationTM (DMN)TM and MISMO 

This course will provide an overview of the history of business rules in the mortgage industry and the evolution of business decision management, the DMN standard, specifics of building and executing decision models, and creating decision tables.

MISMO WEBINAR - Introduction to MISMO's Logical Data Model

This webinar provides an introduction to the Logical Data Model structure. The Logical Data Model has been introduced to support a greater range of technological implementations than previously provided by MISMO.

MISMO WEBINAR -  Winning Executive Buy-In for a Data Governance Program 

Learn firsthand from subject matter experts who have a passion for data and who have successfully established data programs from the ground up. Learn about the key success factors for establishing a data program so your organization can more effectively leverage the power of data and further enhance your decision making by being more data-driven.

MISMO WEBINAR - Intro to iLad: Loan Application Data in a Post uLad World

This webinar will be an introduction to the iLAD specification that will assist those interested in and responsible for data exchange between systems with understanding the scope and purpose of the specification, the structure of the schema and the iLAD wrapper and how to participate in the ongoing development of the iLAD spec through participation in the MISMO workgroups and communities of practice 

MISMO Intro to Expanded Rent Roll Dataset and Use Cases Webinar 

Rent roll data on commercial properties is required when a commercial loan is originated and is typically passed along during the life of the loan. Currently, there is no widely accepted method for defining and exchanging rent roll data between multiple parties, which can lead to data errors and added time and costs.

MISMO Webinar - Complying with Taxpayer 1st Act- Updates  

MISMO's Taxpayer Consent Language provides a consistent way for the mortgage industry to comply with the Taxpayer First Act. The new law, passed on July 1, 2019 and effective December 28, 2019, requires the taxpayer to provide consent for the express purpose for which their tax information will be used. Additionally, the taxpayer must provide consent for their tax information to be shared with other parties.

Blockchain Fundamentals

Blockchain technology is increasingly being explored for use throughout the financial services industry to enable faster, more secure digital transactions. Blockchain is based on digitized, distributed ledgers, which are databases that are shared and synchronized across multiple sites to record transactions, similar to an accounting ledger.