MISMO Webinar - Decision Model and Notation (DMN) and MISMO


MISMO recently announced the recommendation of the Decision Model and Notation (DMN) for documentation, implementation, execution and exchange of business rules and decisions across the mortgage industry. This course will provide an overview of the history of business rules in the mortgage industry and the evolution of business decision management, the DMN standard, and specifics of building and executing decision models. We will also look at the integration of the MISMO data standards with DMN to enable communication and exchange of decision models among industry partners. We will demonstrate all of this within several case studies and examples of DMN applied to common mortgage use cases. Finally, we'll look at the future and how DMN will play an important role in the use of AI, RPA, APIs, and even blockchain.  

  • A recording at the webinar "Decision Model and NotationTM (DMN)TM and MISMO" that took place on December 3rd, 2019 is provided for free to MISMO members at link HERE!