Certified MISMO Standards Professional -

Participation Points Details

Candidates must acquire 100 CMSP Points in order to sit for the CMSP Exam. The required points can be obtained through a combined accumulation of Education and Participation points or the 100 point total may be accumulated strictly through Participation points.

Participation Points: Successful candidates must earn a minimum of 25 Industry Participation points to be certified. Candidates may earn up to 100 participation points.

• Participation points may be earned as follows:

o MISMO Summit attendance - 4 points for each Summit (1 point per day)

o MISMO leadership position (chair/vice-chair of committee or workgroup, or board of directors, etc) -

 Chair / Vice Chair - 5 points per year

 IM / AWG Representatives - 3 points per year

o Workgroup attendance - 3 points per year per workgroup:

 3 points per Workgroup with 66% attendance

 1 point per Workgroup with 33% attendance

 "Workgroup attendance" is defined as follows: "During the calendar year, candidate attends at least XX% of scheduled workgroup / committee meetings, including conference call and in-person meetings at MISMO Summits as reflected on meeting minutes." 2

 If a candidate does not qualify under the standard definition of workgroup participation as noted above, the candidate may appeal. Appeals will be managed by the Education Council through a standard process.

o MISMO Summit Education panel / presentation - 2 points

o Part of the team who update the MISMO Reference Model (e.g., direct modifications to the XML Schema) - 5 points for each version (plays a direct role in the 'seven page process' that results in a published build of the model)

o Referenced as a contributor in a white paper, an I-Guide, other work product - 5 points for each work product

 Situations where participants who would otherwise have published as contributors but who could not be included on the published list of contributors will be taken into consideration.

o Miscellaneous (not intended to be an exhaustive list):

 Author a published mortgage industry article on MISMO standards and/or work products - 2 points

 Serve on an Industry Panel / Presentation representing MISMO topics (e.g. ALTA, PRIA, MBA, other conference) - 2 points

o Education Operating Council specific participation points:

 Education Operating Council members who opined / provided feedback into certification program structure and details will earn 5 participation points

 Education Operating Council members who develop the certification exam will be awarded 25 Certification Exam points.

 Education Operating Council members who contributed to the development of specific MISMO IGOL courses will earn points as follows:

• Candidates who contributed throughout the course development process as course content developers, editors, and instructors will be awarded 25 points for each course.

• Candidates who did not participate in the course development process but contributed largely as course instructors will be awarded 5 points per lesson.