Certified MISMO Standards Professional -

Program Points Framework

Candidates must accumulate a total of at least 100 points and successfully pass the Certification Exam in order to be certified. Points and additional requirements are as follows:

  • Participation Points: Candidates must earn a minimum of 25 participation points. Candidates may earn as many as 100 participation points. Details on the point value of specific participation activities may be found on the CMSP Application.
  • Education Points: Candidates may earn up to 75 education points by completing MISMO education requirements:
    • Candidates can earn up to 75 education points by completing all course requirements for the MISMO "Core" courses (Courses 1-3)
    • Candidates may also earn education points towards certification by completing MISMO "elective" courses.
    • Candidates can also earn 50 points by successfully completing MISMO's Boot Camp Course 
  • Additional Requirement: Candidates must obtain a reference from a member of the MISMO Leadership Team (Residential Standards Governance Committee, Council of Chairs, Committee Chairman, Board of Directors) in order to be eligible to take the CMSP Certification Exam.

Candidates must complete all Program requirements within 3 years of enrollment in the program.

Certification Maintenance: In order to maintain their certificate, certificate holders must earn 25 total points every two years with a minimum of 15 participation points.