MISMO Certified Premiere Level Products

A MISMO Software Certification provides assurance that a technology provider's certified products demonstrate compliance with MISMO standards and best practices. Only products certified by MISMO may utilize the term "certified MISMO compliant" - a symbol of industry excellence.

The following list of products are certified MISMO compliant at the Premiere Level:

1. Black Knight Financial Services Expedite®

Expedite is a suite of integrated on-demand services that simplify paperless business processes between enterprises and their customers and partners. Expedite has received certification for MISMO Version 3.3 within the Information Exchange business domain.

2. Closing InsightTM technology and ExchangeTM services platform from Black Knight Financial Services

Closing Insight, offered by Black Knight's RealEC Technologies division, provides the ability for lenders to securely exchange documents, data and other information to collaborate with settlement agents using a workflow-driven approval process to help generate initial and final loan closing disclosures in support of TRID rule requirements. Black Knight's Exchange, which is also offered through its RealEC Technologies division, is an open technology platform that provides integration, data, workflow and decisioning support through a 24/7 data exchange that connects more than 17,000 of the mortgage industry's service and solution providers with the top lenders in the industry. Closing Insight and Exchange have received certification for MISMO Version 3.3 within the origination business domain. 

3. Guardian Service and Wire Account Verification Service from Fundingshield 

FundingShield provides protection against loss of funds due to inaccurate and/or insufficient documentation, diversionary wire practices or parties closing in excess of their coverage limits from closing agents or attorneys which could jeopardize closing protection letter (CPL) coverage.

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4. Mortgage Machine from Mid American Mortgage

Mid-American Mortgage has a software platform (Mortgage Machine) that facilitates movement of information via a data exchange architecture.

To see the full certification program disclaimer follow this link:  MISMO Software Compliance Certification Disclaimer.