MISMO® Software Compliance Certification 

 What Certification Means

What does it mean for a product to be certified MISMO compliant? 

It means that the company offering the MISMO certified product:

  • Proved that the MISMO oriented modules of that product, or products, were built in accordance with MISMO standards and best practices;
  • Demonstrated the ability to appropriately maintain MISMO oriented modules of those products in accordance with changes to MISMO standards and best practices; and,
  • Developed MISMO oriented modules of those products under sound policies and procedures that demonstrate on-going commitment to the appropriate application of MISMO standards and best practices.  

MISMO Software Certification is designed to provide a level of assurance that products comply with industry standards. It enables technology providers to have their MISMO based products assessed for compliance with MISMO standards or certification requirements. If compliant, providers can showcase their accomplishment by displaying a "MISMO Compliant" certification mark.  

PLEASE NOTE: MISMO Software Certification is NOT certification that the product is in compliance with federal, state, or local rules and regulations. It is certification of appropriate use of MISMO standards and best practices related to the specified business domain.    

To see the full certification program disclaimer follow this link: MISMO Software Compliance Certification Disclaimer.