Remote Online Notarization (RON) FAQs

1.       What is the MISMO RON Certification?

The MISMO RON Certification is a certification issued by MISMO confirming that a RON System, procedures, and policies comply with the MISMO RON Standards. It is not a certification of compliance with any particular federal, state, county, or other governing/regulatory body laws, regulations, rules, or requirements.    

2.       How long is the MISMO RON Certification valid?   

The MISMO RON Certification is valid for a period of 12 months from the date of issuance by MISMO. Organizations that wish to retain their certification must complete the process for renewing it.      

3.       How does my organization apply for the MISMO RON Certification?  

To apply for the MISMO RON Certification, your organization must pay an application fee and complete and submit the following to MISMO via email to [email protected]:

4.       What is the application fee to apply for the MISMO RON Certification and how can payment be made?  

The cost to apply for the initial MISMO RON Certification is $5000. Discounts are available to Champion level MISMO members.  MISMO will inform you of the applicable certification fees and payment options, which must be paid prior to the start of the certification process..

5.       What does the MISMO RON Certification process consist of?   

The MISMO RON Certification process consists of a review of the information and documentation provided with your application and a demonstration of your RON System. MISMO will review the provided information, documentation, demonstration artifacts, and the results of your product demonstration and identify any items or aspects that are not compliant with the MISMO RON Standards. Your organization will have the opportunity remediate and resubmit for further review by MISMO. MISMO will then make a final determination as to whether the RON System is compliant is and therefore eligible for MISMO RON Certification.    

6.       How long does the MISMO RON Certification process take?  

Upon your submission of a complete application package, including the application fee, MISMO will contact you to schedule a RON System demonstration. Once the demo is completed, it takes on average 10-15 business days for MISMO to review and provide its initial assessment of compliance with the MISMO RON Standards. If the RON System is found to be fully compliant then MISMO RON Certification will be granted. Otherwise, the RON provider will have an opportunity to remediate any non-compliant items.      

7.       How will organizations identify RON providers that have obtained the MISMO RON Certification?  

MISMO maintains a list of RON providers that have obtained the MISMO RON Certification. MISMO provides all certified RON providers with a "MISMO Compliant for RON Standards" seal which can be prominently displayed on the RON provider's website and marketing materials, pursuant to additional usage terms and conditions set forth by MISMO.        

8.      Will the MISMO RON Certification take the place of other assessment and approval processes RON providers currently undergo?  

It is up to each individual organization to determine if it will accept the MISMO RON Certification in lieu of its own processes or reduce its assessment criteria or processes for RON providers that have an active MISMO RON Certification. MISMO is actively working with several organizations to begin aligning these efforts with an objective of reducing duplicative reviews, assessments, and approval processes.       

9.      How does my organization apply to renew its MISMO RON Certification?  

MISMO RON Certification must be renewed within 60 days after its expiration. To apply to renew MISMO RON Certification, complete and submit a MISMO eMortgage Technology Certification Application to [email protected]. If a MISMO eMortgage Technology Certification Application Agreement remains in effect, then you do not need to submit a new one. You must submit a new Questionnaire and any Required Documentation noted therein. If your RON platform remains substantially the same as it was the last time it was certified by MISMO, and the MISMO RON Standards remain substantially the same as they were at such time, then the application fee to renew MISMO RON Certification will be $2900. Otherwise, the application fee will remain $5000.            

To see the full certification program disclaimer follow this link: MISMO Software Compliance Certification Disclaimer.