Adopt the Standards

In some cases organizations adopt the standards because they have to due to agency reporting requirements (Agency Roadmap).  In other cases organizations have adopted the standards to enjoy the benefits of using a common language to exchange data and information with their business integration partners or across the mortgage finance industry - benefits such as fewer data errors; improved data quality; more efficient processing and transparency.  Whatever your reason for adopting the standards here are some hints for getting started on your MISMO implementation.

Step 1: Check out the MISMO Version 3.X General Information Guide

Step 2: Get to know the experts

Step 3: Explore the standards

  • Browse the Standards and Resources pages to learn about the different versions of the standards and what they contain.  There are many different documents that describe the standards.  Get to know them well as they have the information you will need to implement the standards. 
  • If you are a Business Analyst, start with the Logical Data Dictionary (LDD). The LDD provides the business view of the information and relationships included in the MISMO Reference Model.  It includes standardized business names, definitions, enumerations, and much, much more all accessible in a business-friendly format.
  • If you are a Developer, start with the MISMO XML Schema. 
    • The Reference Model includes an XML schema representation of the data and relationships that support industry business processes; the Logical Data Dictionary (LDD) documenting standard business names, definitions, enumerations, formats and more; and included within the XML Schema are the SMART Doc® standards which provide formats for electronic formatting of documents. 
    • You also won't want to miss the MISMO Engineering Guidelines or MEGs.  The MEGs are effectively the "rules of the road" for developing MISMO standards. 

Step 4: Familiarize yourself with our additional tools and resources.  We might just have an implementation guide, document mapping or other resource specific to the business problem you are trying to solve.   

Get started adopting the MISMO standards today!

Still need more information?  Check out the MISMO Educational offerings and/or contact MISMO at today.