Commercial Appraisal DWG

Join MISMO's Commercial Appraisal DWG!

The Commercial MISMO (CMISMO) workgroup seeks to update MISMO's commercial appraisal standards, which have not been updated in more than 10 years, to integrate advancements made in the real estate industry and appraisal processes. Any stakeholder involved in the exchange and finance of commercial property is welcome to participate in the effort.

CMISMO recently led an industry collaboration to create new standards for the exchange of commercial rent roll data, resulting in the first common method for defining and exchanging critical information that is required on all commercial loan originations. The new standards are expected to reduce errors and save commercial loan originators, lenders, and service providers valuable time and costs. CMISMO's responsibilities will include reviewing existing appraisal data standards and soliciting input from industry participants. Based on this review, CMISMO will update MISMO's Commercial Reference Model and logical data dictionary (LDD); document use cases to enable ease of use; and develop sample XML files reflecting changes to appraisal related data definitions and formats.

Individuals who would like to participate in this collaborative, industry-wide effort should send an email with the subject "Join MISMO's Commercial Appraisal Group" to or go to the group's page on MISMO Connect if one is already a MISMO member. 


Dario Canal, Fannie Mae, Co-Chair

Ralph Russo, Actualize Consulting, Co-Chair