3rd Party Oversight Questionnaire Development Workgroup (DWG)

Join MISMO's 3rd Party Oversight Questionnaire DWG!

MISMO invites all interested parties to participate in this group.  This group is working to adopt a standard set list of questions mortgage companies can use to assess third parties. The standardized questionnaire will provide a consistent and efficient way to collect information needed to assess third parties and the risks associated with their products and services. As part of this effort, the Workgroup will evaluate existing marketplace questionnaires to determine if they can be utilized in the mortgage industry standard. The Workgroup will also create guides for implementing and using the questionnaire.

If you are interested to participate with this group and are already a MISMO member you may join the collaboration site that has been established on "MISMO Connect". If you are not a member of MISMO, let us know that you would like to participate by sending an email to info@mismo.org. For information on how to become a MISMO Member, see here.


Paul Martin, ALTA, Chair

Jean Bobin, Black Knight, Vice-Chair

Workgroup Meeting Schedule