BWIC Data Development Workgroup

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What is the BWIC Data DWG?
MISMO is standardizing the bid wanted in competition (BWIC) format to facilitate accuracy, liquidity and rapid pricing for mortgage-backed securities (MBS) transactions.

This MISMO initiative focuses on BWIC, a formal request for bids on a package of securities, and creating a standard format for MBS sellers to present BWIC data to security dealer desks. The new development workgroup (DWG) aims to address the growing number of MBS transactions and the challenges that dealers have of keeping up with increased demand. MISMO also is working to facilitate accuracy, liquidity and rapid pricing for these BWIC transactions.  

The BWIC Workgroup will conduct regular meetings via conference call. This DWG is expected to exist for approximately one year or until it completes its mandate. 

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