Commercial Utility Green Data Development Workgroup (DWG)

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The increased usage of energy and water efficient features in commercial and multifamily buildings has led to a variety of reporting needs. These reports are leveraged to obtain industry certifications and complete energy and water audits that may enable lenders to provide mortgage loan discounts to borrowers whose properties meet certain criteria.  Furthermore, the FHFA 2019 Scorecard included a new requirement that many Green Mortgage Loans engage a third-party data collection firm for ongoing utility data collection for the life of the loan. 

Whole-property utility data is not widely available across the industry, and the data that are available come in a variety of non-standardized formats. A data standard would encourage the availability and uniformity of historical utility data across the industry.

The aim of this group is to create a commercial energy and water historical utility data standard as it relates to current industry needs and collection methods. A comprehensive review of the existing green data and utility data sets will be conducted to determine their usefulness.   

If you are interested to participate with this group and are already a MISMO member you may join the collaboration site that has been established on "MISMO Connect". If you are not a member of MISMO, let us know that you would like to participate by sending an email to For information on how to become a MISMO Member, see here.


Karyn Sper, Fannie Mae, Chair