Property & Valuation Services Community of Practice

Join MISMO's Property & Valuation Services CoP!

The Property & Valuation Services Community is working to design, develop, and maintain data standards in support of the mortgage industry in the area of residential real estate property and valuations. In addition, the Community develops supporting documentation to provide guidance in the use of these data standards.    

The Property & Valuation Services community includes diverse areas from property reporting, through traditional and alternative valuation services and collateral risk assessment. The workgroup is currently focused on the following goals:  

  • Work with industry business domains to document and define representation of current appraisal forms in the 'current' version of MISMO.
  • Update iGuide to support the version of MISMO reconciled to the current appraisal forms.
  • Vet new submissions from industry participants related to our domain (property information and valuation).

If you are interested to participate with this group and are already a MISMO member you may join the collaboration site that has been established on "MISMO Connect".  If you are not a member of MISMO, let us know that you would like to participate by sending an email to .  For information on how to become a MISMO Member, see here.


Liz Green, Centric, Co-Chair

Mike Fleck, Black Knight, Co-Chair

Piyush Tiwari, Veros, Vice-Chair

Workgroup Meeting Schedule