Verifiable SMART Doc® 3.0 Profile Development Workgroup

Join MISMO's "Version 3 Verifiable Profile SMART Doc®" DWG! 

The Verifiable SMART Doc® group is working to create a more trustworthy, verifiable process that provides assurance that loan documents and associated data are consistent, reliable and unaltered. 

MISMO recognizes the industry trend towards a more digital process that relies upon accurate data. Historical inconsistency between documents and data exchanged between organizations has contributed to distrust of data, requiring armies of individuals who manually compare documents and data. To help address data quality concerns, in 2017 MISMO provided implementation guidance for industry to create data and/or documents that reflect whether the data/documents were altered - this is known as a tamper evident process. MISMO announces the effort to go one step further. We will create a technical framework and related implementation guidance that facilitates automated validation that the data and related document, or documents, are in agreement and have not been modified.

The group is working to develop requirements for document security and integrity, provide implementation guidance, develop sample documents and use cases, and other materials that may help improve trust in the data as well as facilitate the transition to digital mortgages. Technology and business-oriented individuals are welcome to participate. 

If you are interested to participate with this group and are already a MISMO member you may join the collaboration site that has been established on "MISMO Connect".  If you are not a member of MISMO, let us know that you would like to participate by sending an email to .  For information on how to become a MISMO Member, see here.


Charles Epperson, SigniaDocs, Chair

Workgroup Meeting Schedule