Hot Seat: Simon Moir of eOriginal

Simon Moir: When the mortgage industry began its digital transformation, the first phase largely focused on front-end applications that both improved the borrower experience and accelerated the capture of accurate supporting data. It started with Quicken coming on the scene with Rocket Mortgage, and then several front-end technology companies, such as Blend, Roostify and BeSmartee entered the space to offer similar capabilities - delivering to the market what is now so popularly known as "digital mortgage."

Tech-savvy non-bank originators continue to lead the way in the digital space - a week doesn't go by without another announcement. However, a true digital mortgage is so much more, and we're seeing major mortgage ecosystem stakeholders moving to the second phase of digital mortgage, which focuses on eClosings and the creation of an electronic asset. With this move, originators are able continue the path of an incredible borrower experience but add to it the creation. Read More Here.

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