MISMO Adoption Update: PDD Documentation Updates Released

Ginnie Mae is adopting the Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization's (MISMO) standard for delivery of single-family issuance pool and loan data to align with the broader mortgage industry and provides updated information on timelines for various projects included in this effort in the first note below. In addition, Ginnie Mae is making some minor updates to the Pool Delivery Dataset (PDD) documentation and outlines those modifications in the second note below.

MISMO Adoption Timeline Ginnie Mae's technology modernization initiative includes many interdependent projects that increase the effort's level of complexity and duration. We have prioritized the foundational portal and security initiatives ahead of the PDD implementation. Therefore, migration to the new Single-Family Pool Delivery Module (SFPDM) is no longer planned for calendar year 2017. Single-family pool delivery for all Issuers will continue to occur in GinnieNET during this time. Read More Here. 

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