MBA Tech All-Star: Nancy Alley--All about the ‘e'

Nancy Alley, vice president of strategic planning for Provo, Utah-based Simplifile, has been a tireless advocate for all things "e" throughout her career.

Alley's been involved with e-closings since 1999, when she founded a startup software company called SignOnline Inc. to promote electronic records and signatures. That was the same year the federal Uniform Electronic Transactions Act was passed, and nearly a year before the federal Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act, known as eSIGN, became law. Alley has also worked with ISGN, Xerox Mortgage Services, Wave Systems Corporation and GE Capital.

 In addition to her professional roles, she has pushed for the advancement of the e-mortgage through her participation with MISMO, the Mortgage Bankers Association's Residential Technology Forum and the government-sponsored enterprises.Alley has helped propel forward the widespread use of e-records, e-signatures, e-delivery and e-records retention. She's been instrumental in MISMO's development of its data standards to support these initiatives and was able to help persuade the GSEs to accept electronic copies of recorded security instruments as long as the security was originally e-recorded, representing a major shift in GSE policy and eliminating a longstanding barrier to widespread e-recording adoption. Read More Here. 

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