MISMO Launches eMortgage Technology Certification Program Program to Assist Lenders in Identifying Products that Comply With Industry Standards

Mortgage Bankers Association

MISMO®, the real estate finance industry's standards organization, announced today that it is launching an eMortgage Technology Certification program to assist lenders in identifying products that comply with industry standards.

This certification is part of MISMO's effort to support, advance, and increase the mortgage industry's adoption of digital solutions and is specifically designed to facilitate and encourage eClosing transactions. Through this certification, lenders, settlement agents, and consumers will be able to verify that a platform can perform an eClosing transaction in a secure and compliant manner, creating a more seamless and efficient experience for all parties and reducing friction in the real estate finance market.

"This offering fills an industry need as lenders are updating their digital stacks and looking to differentiate among available products and ensure interoperability and compliance with MISMO standards," said Seth Appleton, President, MISMO. "The clarity and transparency of this certification program offer lenders a level of assurance that the eMortgage products they are selecting comply with MISMO industry standards." Read More Here!