Scott Roller: MISMO RON Certification: What You Need to Know

Mortgage Bankers Association

Cute and customized face masks are wildly popular these days, launching a whole new industry.  Closer to home, in our industry, popularity of vendors providing for Remote Online Notarization is surging.  Thanks to the pandemic, RON vendors were rather unmasked, going from gaining marginal traction to epic growth - overnight.  MISMO is leading the way, with a sharp machete clearing the path through the state level regulatory and compliance jungle.   

MISMO has partnered with all sorts of key stakeholders and legislators to establish a standardized framework for RON.  We were intrigued by this, as MISMO has traditionally been known for 'data' standards, as opposed to an operational process and procedure focus.  So, we interviewed Jonathan Kearns, Vice President of Technology with MISMO, to learn more... Read More Here!