The eMortgage Makeover

Fans of home-makeover shows know how exciting it is to watch a mundane house get completely transformed into a showcase property worthy of Sunset magazine. This excitement is heightened by the fact that these transformations take place within the span of a one-hour episode. Of course, we all know that home makeovers require an extraordinary amount of money, planning, coordination, and hard work, which is what keeps most of us from getting our own.

Right now, however, many mortgage companies are considering when and how to get their own makeovers to "spruce up" their systems to accommodate digital mortgages. As with a home makeover, upgrading a company's mortgage process from a dated pen-and-paper process to a snazzy, new digital process that runs on tablets and cell phones will take time and resources, but in the end, it will be well worth the hard work. Read More Here.

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