MISMO Contributor Award Descriptions

The Standards Champion Award recognizes individuals who made the most substantial contributions towards advancing the MISMO standards during the previous calendar year. Advancement of the MISMO standard can be demonstrated in several forms from direct contribution towards enhancing the standard, executing communication and outreach that enhance the adoption and visibility of the standard to working effectively towards increasing participation in the crafting of the standard. Standards Champion Award winners are selected by the MISMO Residential Standards Governance Committee.

The Outstanding Contributor Award recognizes individuals who made substantial contributions to the MISMO organization as a whole over the past year. The MISMO organization is evolving quickly. Significant contributions to the organization were and are needed to position MISMO to serve the mortgage finance industry. Outstanding Contributor Award recipients are selected by MISMO Staff. The individuals selected were recognized with the Outstanding Contributor Award for their tireless dedication towards shaping and supporting the organization.

The Chairman's Award recognizes individuals who made substantial contributions to MISMO over an extended period of time. This may be a "life time" achievement award or could be an accumulation of good works from the past several years and is designed to recognize the accumulation of contributions that advanced the organization and/or standards forward in a significant way over a substantial period of time. Chairman's Award recipients are selected by the MISMO Committee Chairs.