About MISMO Licenses

 Any organization that downloads MISMO products (standards or collateral) or develops technology based on MISMO products is required to have a license.  The type of license required is dependent upon the version of the MISMO product you are using as well as how your organization is using the product.

As of January 1, 2018, downloading MISMO products or developing technology that incorporates MISMO products released after December 31, 2017 may require a fee for organizations that are not members of MISMO.  Generally, the license to use and implement MISMO standards and collateral is a benefit of MISMO membership.  Innovation Investment Fee payers receive a nonlicense to access and implement MISMO standards.  Fees generated will ensure the costs of creating standards are shared equitably and will help MISMO maintain the staff, services, tools and support needed to serve the industry and its members.  

There is no fee required for licenses on MISMO standards released prior to January 1, 2018. For standards and collateral released after January 1, 2018, applicable license fees, if any, are product specific and published on the appropriate product page within mismo.org.  

Do I Need a License?  Any organization that downloads MISMO standards or develops technology based on MISMO standards or collateral is required to have a license.  In some instances, MISMO may choose to make the license to use specific products available for free.

The type of license required is dependent upon the product and version of the MISMO standards or collateral you are using as well as how your organization is using it.   Organizations that rely on third-party technology (e.g., LOS) that incorporates MISMO standards do not need a MISMO license.   

For more information about who needs a MISMO license, please see our MISMO License FAQs.      

Cost Benefits of Membership   For organizations that plan on acquiring future versions of the MISMO standard, it may make sense to join MISMO. At an annual cost of $3,500, MISMO members are entitled to a license to use the standards as a member benefit. MISMO members also receive early access to standards in development and access to MISMO Connect our member only collaboration tool, in addition to many other benefits.   Click here to learn more about the benefits of MISMO membership.    

Additional resources See the License Initiative FAQs.   The 2018 End-User License and 2018 Distributor License are included as appendices of the 2018 Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Policy which is posted under Policies and Procedures in the footer of mismo.org along with the 2004 IPR Policy which includes Version 1.0 of the End-User License.

Need more information?  

Contact MISMO staff at info@mismo.org or by calling 202-557-2880.