Business Glossary

Published for 60 Day Public Comment Period  

The MISMO Business Glossary was released on Monday, September 16, 2019 for a 60 day public comment period.  The comment period will open remain open until Monday, November 18, 2019.  Industry participants are encouraged to review and explore the MISMO Business Glossary and provide comments by responding to  

Industry-wide use of a common language is critical for effective, efficient, and flexible business practices.  A common language helps mitigate risk, improves consumer understanding and satisfaction, and reduces costs.  The new MISMO Business Glossary, along with MISMO's Business Reference Model and Logical Data Model,  permits business oriented professionals to have access to clear, understandable terms and definitions; links to how data are used in various business processes; and filtered views of the MISMO model.

The MISMO Business Glossary includes information about common business processes, business events, business terms, calculations, documents, forms and much more.  Content comes from several MISMO sources such as the MISMO standards, eMortgage Glossary, Business Reference Model, and Logical Data Dictionary (LDD) as well as the MBA Business Glossary of mortgage banking terms. Follow the link provided to access detailed information about MISMO Business Glossary sources of content.

Category types and hashtags are used to provide added context for MISMO Business Glossary terms.  Essentially categories and hashtags are a way to group related terms.  Every term in the Glossary is associated with a single specified Category Type. Further, terms in the Glossary may be assigned one or more hashtags.   The list of hashtags is expected to grow over time.  

MISMO members may download the MISMO Business Glossary.  This feature  allows users to download the full content of the MISMO Business Glossary into an Excel spreadsheet.  Access to the download feature is limited to MISMO members.  Learn more about becoming a MISMO member.

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Industry participants who have comments or questions about the MISMO Business Glossary should send them to  

AUTHORIZED USAGE: This proposed MISMO Product was published on September 16, 2019 for a 60 day public comment period for the purpose of providing an opportunity for comment on the MISMO Business Glossary.  Any other use of this MISMO Product, including implementation, is prohibited at this time.

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