Commercial Specifications

MISMO Commercial Standards include a business friendly view - a Commercial Logical Data Dictionary (LDD) and Commercial Reference Model. The Commercial Reference Model is a model that standardizes industry terms and definitions, and provides a comprehensive a structure for the relationship of all data in a commercial loans to be used in a consistent manner across all transactions.

MISMO Releases COMMERCIAL APPRAISAL DATA STANDARDS for a 60-Day Public Comment period

MISMO has released new data standards for commercial property appraisals for a public comment period ending on September 21, 2020. Follow the link below for more information.

Commercial Appraisal Data Standards

MISMO's Commercial Rent Roll Package - Including Dataset and Sample Use Cases  

MISMO's multifamily and commercial rent roll dataset supports robust uses for sharing multifamily and commercial property data between different parties. The dataset includes a logical data dictionary model and definitions to support sample use cases. Follow the link below for more information. 

Commercial Rent Roll Package


Commercial Reference Model

Environmental and PCA

Logical Data Dictionary

Other Documentation

Property Inspection Report