Commercial Rent Roll Standards

MISMO's Commercial Rent Roll Standards - Including Dataset and Use Cases 

MISMO's multifamily and commercial rent roll package includes a dataset, a logical data dictionary and a number of sample use cases to facilitate adoption.  The  dataset, dictionary and related sample use cases support scenarios for sharing multifamily and commercial property data between different parties. 

MISMO's rent roll dataset provides a consistent set of data points, definitions, and use cases to use when financing and managing multifamily and commercial property assets. MISMO's rent roll standards support many types of income-producing properties, including multifamily residential, retail, office and some hotel properties. While commercial rent roll data is required on all commercial loan originations, there was no common method of defining and exchanging rent roll data before MISMO's involvement.  The dataset and use cases provide a consistent set of data points and definitions for a wider number of circumstances than ever, which will greatly reduce errors, time and extra costs when financing commercial transactions.   

Access Information:

MISMO Members can access the Rent Roll Standards in the Resource Library housed on MISMO's Collaboration Site, "MISMO Connect" here.

Innovation Investment Fee Payers can access the Commercial Rent Roll Standards for Commercial Usage here

Non MISMO Members can access the Commercial Rent Roll Standards here

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