Rent Roll Dataset

MISMO Releases Expanded Rent Roll Dataset and Use Cases for MISMO Member Implementation 

MISMO® has published a new multifamily and commercial rent roll dataset.   The dataset includes a logical data dictionary and a number of sample use cases to facilitate adoption.  The new dataset, dictionary and related sample use cases support additional scenarios for sharing multifamily and commercial property data between different parties. The new rent roll dataset, dictionary and sample use cases are available now for MISMO member implementations.  Details for non-member organization access, which may require a modest license fee, will be available soon. 

MISMO's rent roll dataset provides a consistent set of data points, definitions, and use cases to use when financing and managing multifamily and commercial property assets. MISMO's rent roll standards support many types of income-producing properties, including multifamily residential, retail, office and some hotel properties. While commercial rent roll data is required on all commercial loan originations, there was no common method of defining and exchanging rent roll data before MISMO's involvement.  The newly revised dataset and use cases provide a consistent set of data points and definitions for a wider number of circumstances than ever, which will greatly reduce errors, time and extra costs when financing commercial transactions. 

The original rent roll standard included data points regarding units and subunits, fees charged to tenants in addition to rent, subsidy rents, tenant sales, step ups and senior housing charges. The revised dataset, which was based off recent industry feedback, includes new data points for rent concessions, differences between lease and rent commencement dates, market value per square foot, tenant improvement descriptions and the cost per-square-foot of tenant improvements.   

Click on the following link to access the Expanded Rent Roll Dataset and Use Cases  which are posted on MISMO Connect, the collaboration site for MISMO members.