SMART Doc® Components

The acronym SMART represents: • Securable • Manageable • Archivable • Retrievable • Transferable 

An electronic document created to conform to a specification standardized by MISMO®. A SMART Doc® can lock together data and presentation in such a way that it can be system-validated to guarantee the integrity of the document.

The SMART Doc Specification is a technical framework for representing documents in an electronic format. This format links data, the visual representation of the form, and signature. The visual representation of the documents can utilize a variety of technologies, such as XHTML, PDF, and TIFF. A SMART Doc can be secured to prevent tampering. Therefore, the Specification allows system validation to ensure that what the borrower sees and signs on the computer screen is the exact document that will be stored. It also ensures that the data displayed on the screen will be the exact data used for processing the loan.   

Accessing SMART Doc® Components: 
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The release and use of MISMO standards, including the SMART Doc 1.02 implementation guide and related materials, are governed by the MISMO Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Policy

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