Residential Specifications

The MISMO Residential Standards are often referred to collectively as"the MISMO Reference Model".  The MISMO Reference Model consists of:

  • The Logical Data Dictionary (LDD) which provides a business centric view of the model. The LDD provides standard business names, definitions, enumerations (or allowable values), formats and more in an easy to use Excel workbook format.
  • The XML Schema representation of the data and relationships that support industry business processes.
  • Included within the XML Schema are the SMART Doc® standards which provide formats for electronic formatting of documents.

The residential standards have evolved over time.  You'll find a link to all of the current and historical approved published version in the following pages as well as a number of resources to support your implementation. 

Special Note:

MISMO would like to thank Trisotech for enabling MISMO to explore and leverage the Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standard as a mortgage industry standard through their donation of a license to the organization.

MISMO would like to thank Altova for their support of the MISMO Standards development process.  Altova has provided multiple copies of XMLSpy XML Editor software for MISMO's use with XML Schema development and other XML editing tasks.   

If you are new to MISMO you may want to start by looking at the Version 3 General Information Guide below: