MISMO offers business domain specific views of the residential standards, otherwise referred to as MISMO datasets.  These views, or datasets, tend to be focused on a particular business domain and be derivatives of the larger MISMO model.  Datasets often are presented with a data dictionary, or list of terms and related descriptions, included in the specified domain, as well as, a technical description for how to represent the dataset.  The technical description may take one or more of many possible forms including a UML Class Diagram or an XML Schema or other representation.  Additional tools and resources may also be made available with MISMO datasets to support implementation and ease of use.  For more information and to access the specifications for a particular dataset select the name of a specific dataset from the list of MISMO datasets below.

A compendium of data points that are included in the Uniform Residential Loan Application (URLA), the GSEs Automated Underwriting System interfaces, as well as the existing Fannie Mae 3.2 file.  iLAD is expected to replace the many peer to peer data exchanges that currently utilize the Fannie Mae 3.2 file as a de facto data exchange standard.

The Private Label Residential Mortgage Backed Securities (PL RMBS) MISMO XML File Layout Specification supports the data used in the ratings applied to securitizations. This document provides the information needed for changes to be made so Rating Agencies, Structured Finance Association (SFIG) and other Third-Party Reviewers (TPR) can rely on the data they receive to rate the mortgage assets more accurately.