Enhanced Logical Data Dictionary

MISMO® is seeking member comments on its Enhanced Logical Data Dictionary (ELDD). The Enhanced Logical Data Dictionary is an updated and user-friendly resource for business and technology professionals. A  companion document to Version 3.5 of the MISMO Logical Data Model (LDM), the enhanced LDD allows for easier data searching, sorting, and filtering and shows how each data element fits into the LDM, XML Schema and API Toolkit. Business analysts can use the ELDD to easily find out which data elements are available within the MISMO Reference Model and where they are located.

The 60-day comment period for the MISMO Enhanced Logical Data Dictionary (ELDD) ends May 25th, 2021.  

The MISMO ELDD will make it easier for business and technology professionals to find and use the data in the MISMO Reference Model and to search for terms and definitions.

The ELDD includes: 

  1. Hyperlinks that allow easy access and navigation from one related definition to another.
  2. Ability to speed up the business process by allowing users to look up terms and definitions without having to understand technical details.
  3. Option for users to find the data elements that are relevant to particular business scenarios and understand how they fit into the MISMO model.
  4. Capability to easily import data into other tools or databases due to its one-value, one-cell atomic structure.  

The comment period for this resource allows workgroup participants who participated on the proposal a notice period prior to final release, in order to review the information and disclose any applicable Patent Rights (as defined by MISMO's 2018 Intellectual Property Rights Policy).

Access Information:

MISMO Members can access the Enhanced Logical Data Dictionary in the Resource Library housed on MISMO's Collaboration Site, "MISMO Connect" here.

Non-MISMO members cannot access the Enhanced Logical Data Dictionary.

For more information contact info@mismo.org

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