Logical Data Model

MISMO is pleased to announce the release of an update to the MISMO Logical Data Model (LDM). This update incorporates feedback that was received during the initial comment period, which requires MISMO to issue the update for an additional public comment period.  The comment period will remain open from today until December 23rd, 2019. Any comments received will be reviewed and addressed, after which the Logical Data Model is expected to be elevated to 'Candidate Recommendation' status. 

For this update to the LDM, changes were made to enhance usability.  Specifically, the presentation of container and data point names are now displayed in a business-friendly format consistent with the presentation of text in a newspaper or book.  A few minor updates were also made to correct errors identified during the review process.

The new LDM is completely different from models previously issued by MISMO and is intended to support any technology that a company might choose to utilize. The new LDM will support XML, as MISMO has always done, and will also support JSON, which is the technology of choice for mobile transactions. The LDM will make it easier for organizations to communicate regardless of the technologies they choose to use for communicating with business partners. 

Created through MISMO's Logical Data Model Redesign Development Workgroup, MISMO's LDM was built using Unified Modeling Language (UML®) 2.5, a common standard created by the Object Management Group®. UML consists of an integrated set of diagrams that helps users specify, visualize, construct and document software or business systems. MISMO has also created a set of user guidelines to help industry participants adopt and implement the LDM in their business processes.

MISMO is in the process of developing an LDM specific logical data dictionary (LDD) to accompany the LDM which is expected to be available in the fall.

In addition to allowing public comment, the comment period is intended to afford participants who worked on the LDM standards and collateral at least thirty days' notice prior to the final release of these products to review them and disclose any applicable Patent Rights (as defined by MISMO's 2018 Intellectual Property Rights Policy).   

At this time, MISMO also requests that any non-participant organization that may have any patent or patent applications, or other intellectual property rights that might be infringed upon by an organization that uses or is compliant with these proposed MISMO products, disclose at this time in writing.   

All comments and disclosures should be directed to info@mismo.org.   

The MISMO LDM is provided for the purpose of providing an opportunity for comment on the product, as well as to afford an opportunity to disclose any applicable Patent Rights or other intellectual property rights, any other use of this product, including implementation, is prohibited at this time.   To access the proposed Logical Data Model Standards and Collateral, click on the following link: Logical Data Model Standards and Collateral  

If you are a MISMO member, an expanded package of documents is available for your review and comment.  The expanded package includes everything available for public comment plus a .eap (SPARX) version of the LDM; and an .XMI file with class diagrams.  Follow this link to access the documentation available for MISMO member comment: LDM Member Version.

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