How to Submit a MISMO Work Request

  1. Complete the Work Request form.  Be sure to include all required fields (noted by * in the field name). 
  2. For assistance in completion of Work Request Form, please contact or call 202-557-2880.  Work Request preparers are encouraged to have their submission reviewed by industry experts in the appropriate Community of Practice (COP) or Development Work Group prior to submission, if possible.  In special circumstances it may be advisable to consult with the Architecture Work Group or Information Management prior to submitting your Work Request for review and approval by the Business Executive Team.
  3. When the Work Request form is completed, send the Work Request as an attachment to

By 5:00 PM each Tuesday, the Work Log will be updated to include all work requests received the previous week by Friday 5:00 PM Pacific Time.  Requests will generally be reviewed in the order they are received by the Business Executive Team (BET).  The BET meets on a monthly basis on the last Thursday of the month.  Schedule permitting work requests received during by Friday of the previous week will be discussed at the next BET team meeting.

Work Request Sponsors, and other related parties as appropriate, will be invited to attend the BET meeting during which their Work Request is reviewed. Work Request Sponsors will be provided 5-10 minutes during the meeting to present their proposed Work Request.  They will also be invited to participate in any subsequent discussion with members of the BET.

Voting will occur electronically by BET members after the meeting.  Work Request Sponsors will receive a response from the BET by the following Friday as to the disposition of their request.  Possible responses to a Work Request (WR) are:

  • Approved - the request will be forwarded to the appropriate Governance Committee for further processing.
  • Request for additional information - Work Request Sponsor to provide additional information and resubmit WR for review
  • Request Delayed - will include reasons for delay and an estimated timeframe and/or conditions for when re-evaluation may occur.
  • Request Not Approved - will include reasons for denial

Once approved, the Standards Governance Committee, or their delegate, will assign it to the appropriate Community of Practice (COP) if it is a Fast Track item and the identified COP has capacity to take on the request.  Further, if the work request is not a Fast Track then MISMO will issue a Call for Participation to create a new Development Work Group (DWG).  

To see a list of Work Requests, in progress or closed, click HERE 

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