Residential Standards Governance Committee

The MISMO Residential Standards Governance Committee (RSGC) is comprised of 18 representatives elected from MISMO member companies. Governance Committee members serve two-year terms, with half of the seats up for election each year.

The Residential Standards Governance Committee is responsible for administering the day-to-day standards development activities of MISMO and for maintaining the architectural consistency of the MISMO Standards in accordance with MISMO's Policies and Procedures. The Governance Committee reports to the MISMO Board of Directors. The members of the Residential Governance Committee approve residential standards that have been recommended and approved by the MISMO Residential Architecture Workgroup. Chairs from each of the MISMO Work Groups form the MISMO Council of Chairs (CoC) which reports to the RSGC.

The Residential Governance Committee is made up of representatives from specific industry categories as follows:






David Barkley, Freddie Mac    
Sandro BarchittaFannie Mae    
Michael Bixby, President, Bixby Consulting Inc - EHereNow (Ex Officio as Chair of Information Management)    
Carmelo Bramante, Navy Federal Credit Union
Ruth Eller, CoreLogic      
Lynn Calahan, Wells Fargo 
Geran Combs, Actualize Consulting    
Charles Epperson, SigniaDocs      
David Garrett, Doc Magic
Shawn Jobe, Factual Data     
William Klumper, First Step (Ex Officio as Co-Chair of Architecture Workgroup)   
Leslie Malicki, MGIC
Paul Martin, ALTA
Mick Smothers, Ernst and Young       
Keith Soura, Better
Christopher Stookey, Wells Fargo (Ex Officio as Co-Chair of Architecture Workgroup) 
Brian Stuckey, Quicken Loans
Matt Tully, Sagent Lending Solutions