Council of Chairs

The Council of Chairs (CoC) is a forum for all Residential MISMO WGs and COPs to communicate on topics of general and shared interest across all development work groups. The CoC is the primary conduit for sharing MISMO information between and among WG leaders, the Residential Standards Governance Committee (RSGC) and the MISMO Manager.

Membership in the Council of Chairs includes the MISMO Manager and all Chairs and Vice/Co-Chairs of the Residential Communities of Practice and the Development Work Groups.


Rusty Emory, PrimeLending, (Chair)
Bill Klumper,First Step (Vice-Chair)

3rd Party Oversight Questionnaire DWG
Paul Martin, ALTA (Chair)
Jean Bobin, Black Knight (Vice-Chair)

Christopher Stookey, Wells Fargo (Chair)
Leslie Malicki, MGIC (Vice Chair)
Elizabeth Smith, USAA (Vice-Chair)

Architecture (AWG)
Christopher Stookey, Wells Fargo (Co-Chair)
Bill Klumper, First Step (Co-Chair)

Blockchain CoP
Shawn JobeFactual Data (Co-Chair)
Laurie Laurie, Black Knight (Co-Chair)
Jessica Fox, Freddie Mac (Co-Chair)

Business Glossary DWG
Amy O'Connor, Nexsys Technologies (Chair)
Rusty Emory, PrimeLending (Vice-Chair)

Business Reference Model DWG
Tammy Kienlen, Consultant (Chair)
Susan Hartstock, Origence (Vice-Chair)

Closing Instructions DWG  
Mike Fleck, Black Knight (Co-Chair)
Amber Huntsman, First American Financial (Co-Chair)

Commercial Appraisal DWG
Dario Canal, Fannie Mae (Co-Chair)
Ralph Russo, Actualize Consulting (Co-Chair)

Commercial Utility Green Data Development Workgroup DWG
Dario Canal, Fannie Mae (Co-Chair)
Ralph Russo, Actualize Consulting (Co-Chair)

Credit Reporting CoP
Shawn Jobe, Factual Data (Co-Chair)
Ruth Eller, Core Logic (Co-Chair)

Data Governance CoP
Jonathan Pain, Actualize Consulting (Chair)

Decision Modeling CoP
John Liston, Associated Software Consultants, Inc (Co-Chair)
Brian Stucky, Quicken Loans (Co-Chair)

eDoc/eMortgage Vault Interoperability DWG
Katie Paolangeli, Signia Docs (Co-Chair)
Josh Koppang, Quicken Loans (Co- Chair)
Camelia Martin, Snapdocs (Vice-Chair)

Emerging Technologies CoP
Josh Koppang, Nexsys  (Co-Chair)
Jamie Stewart, Janeway Law Firm, P.C. (Co-Chair)   

eMortgage CoP
Rachael Sokolowski, Magnolia Technologies, LLC (Chair) 
Nancy Pratt, Black Knight (Vice-Chair) 

Fee Naming DWG 
Suzanne Garwod, Chase (Chair)

Bill Klumper, Consultant, (Chair)
Arindam Gupta, Fannie Mae, (Vice-Chair)

Information Management (IM)
Mike Bixby, Bixby Consulting (Chair)
Lynn Calahan, Wells Fargo, (Vice- Chair)
Sandra Griebe, Actualize Consulting, (Vice-Chair) 

Loan Application Data Exchange DWG
Lynn Calahan, Wells Fargo (Co-Chair) 
Sandra Griebe, Actualize Consulting (Co-Chair)

Logical Data Model Redesign DWG
Dominic Virgilio, UVM (Chair)

Mortgage Insurance CoP
Amy Ketterling, MGIC (Co-Chair) 
Kim Lafferty, Radian Guaranty, Inc (Co-Chair)
Michael Mueller, MGIC (Co-Chair)
Siv Anantuni, Radian (Vice-Chair)

Origination CoP
Lynn Calahan, Wells Fargo (Co-Chair)
Michelle Pogatchnik, Black Knight (Co-Chair)
Chris Ulbright, DocMagic, Inc (Co-Chair)

Private Label RMBS DWG
Julia Curran, AMS (Co-Chair)
Geran Combs, Actualize Consulting (Co-Chair)

Property and Valuation Services CoP
Elizabeth Green, Centric (Co-Chair)
Mike Fleck, Black Knight (Vice-Chair)
Piyush Tiwari, Veros (Vice-Chair)

Remote Online Notarization DWG
Camelia Martin, Snap Docs (Co-Chair)
Eddie Oddo, First American (Co-Chair)
Jessie Bullis, BBS Notary (Co-Vice Chair)
Nicole Booth, Notarize (Co-Vice Chair)
Kevin Leurig, eNotary Log (Co-Vice Chair)

Residential Appraisal Data DWG
Kasie Lynn, Freddie Mac (Co-Chair)
Heather Kerns, Consultant/Fannie Mae (Co-Chair)

Secondary CoP
Bill Klumper, First Step (Co-Chair)
Mark Friend, Freddie Mac (Co-Chair)

Servicing CoP
Catherine Clark, Black Knight (Co-Chair)
Geran Combs, Actualize Consulting (Co-Chair)
Mark Friend, Freddie Mac (Co-Chair)

Servicing Portfolio Risk and Retention DWG
Russ Donnan, Certified Credit (Co-Chair)

Servicing Transfers DWG
Joey Prince, Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing (Co-Chair)
Matt Seu, Actualize Consulting (Co-Chair)

Title and Closing CoP
Pat Carney, Viking Sasquatch (Chair) 
Jessie Bullis, BBS (Vice-Chair)  

Verifiable SMART Doc DWG        
Charles Epperson, SigniaDocs (Co-Chair)