Our Mission

MISMO's vision is to standardize how the mortgage industry communicates. Our mission is to drive standardized data and information and improved business practices between all mortgage stakeholders through collaborative and innovative initiatives that improve efficiency, reduce costs and facilitate stakeholder success. 

MISMO's work is centered around the following goals:  

  • Identifying mortgage industry business challenges by providing a forum for collaboration and innovation
  • Leading the adoption of standards to benefit all industry participants  
  • Building and delivering solutions to the market through the use of MISMO expertise,  standards, value-added tools and resources  
  • Expand visibility and education on the value of MISMO standards across the industry  
  • Drive participation in MISMO from those who benefit from, or could help to improve, the Standards
  • Attain consistent and predictable revenues ensuring long-term organizational growth in support of the Mission 

MISMO remains committed to fostering an open process to develop, promote and maintain voluntary consensus standards that enable mortgage lenders, investors, servicers, vendors, borrowers and other parties to communicate more securely, efficiently and economically.