eMortgage Specifications

The MISMO eMortgage standards provide a framework for implementing all aspects of the digital mortgage process.  The following pages provide access to approved MISMO eMortgage standards.

By default, this page contains the most recent standards and is updated with new releases when they become available. Previous versions of the standards and other documents are available on the individual Version webpages and can be accessed via the control above. When navigating through the various versions, the Current Standards view may be accessed at any time.

There are several workgroups focused on creating eMortgage specifications. Additional information can be found on the eMortgage Workgoup page.


eMortgage Glossary

MISMO's eMortgage Glossary contains defined terms that are intended to provide a general vocabulary for eMortgages.

eMessaging and ePackaging

eMortgage Guides



SMART DOC ® Implementation Guide